At 21 km, the cantonal "chef lieu" a town of 3,500 inhabitants perched on a hillside with all amenities including banks, two supermarkets and a market on Saturday mornings; it also is home to a doll museum and the famous Nontron hand-forged knives and other cutlery. Visits are encouraged.

La Rochefoucauld

At 30Km the town is best known for (and most visited because of) the Chateau de La Rochefoucauld, which stands above the Tardoire River.



The town labels itself as 'the countryside of the meteorite' but assuming that you are not concerned about 'lightning striking the same place twice' and you visit Rochechouart, you will find a pretty walled town, and an attractive castle.


At 43 km south-west, the Venice of the Dordogne; this town is a delight with its monastery, bell tower and the river Dronne running  through its centre. A traditional regional market on Friday mornings, Brantôme is a fun shopping experience. Some excellent restaurants too!


At 49 km north-west perched on the ramparts the old town has a charm of its own. Angoulême is the nearest large city, first class shopping and a good place to stock up for the weekly larder in the good selection of hypermarkets. Tennis & 9 holes golf course are available.


At 70 km south, capital city of the Dordogne, this ancient town with its superb cathedral and comprehensive shopping is well worth the visit.


At 111 km south-east, the famous LASCAUX Caves with their world renowned paintings of early man. Should not be missed.


At 145 km south-east, charming medieval town with its theatre Festival in August.